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Spiral House


Winner of the 2015 RIBA Viewpoint competition 

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The external space comprises a flight of broad but shallow steps, bridging the height difference between the house entrance and street level. The concrete surface extends inside the house, bisected by a folding glazed wall. An 11 metre long rooflight along the northern edge of the building frames an uninterrupted sky view. 

spiral house_iso.jpg

Spiral House is set in the former garden of a Victorian house in Balham. It is conceived as a single continuous wall of Roman-format brickwork that wraps the boundary of the site before spiralling into the centre to form 90 square metres of habitable space overlooking a terrace of equal size. 


The presence of Japanese knotweed on the site meant the excavation required for its removal allowed the building to be set partially in the ground, preserving views from neighbours’ windows. The roof is planted to enhance their outlook and preserve the clarity of the spiralling wall. 

Structural Engineer: Momentu

General Contractor: Clockwork Construction 

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spiral house_street view.jpg
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