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Cardozo Road




The living area is arranged over a split level to allow a degree of separation within a connected space. The basement spaces are arranged to give a sense of perceived distance between parts of the house to counter the compactness of the actual volume. 


A new house built on a derelict end of terrace site. A memory of the site’s history is worked into the elevations by preserving the height and line of the original boundary; this also protects an important long view across the site from the street. A hinging section of the street wall leads to a courtyard bounded with curving walls intended to draw visitors into the space. The house itself is entered from the courtyard.  


High ceilings create a sense of spaciousness. Roof lights provide daylight. Sunlight can pass through a glazed slice that cuts the roof and wall of the lower ground floor to reach a basement roof light. The inside face of the street gate is reflective to bounce more daylight into the basement. Glazed internal openings play a similar role. Internal walls are pale plaster and white timber panelling. Floors are polished concrete with under-floor heating. The planting and hard landscaping on the roofs are designed to give an attractive outlook to neighbours. The envelope is insulated with closed cell foam to ensure an airtight vapour impermeable envelope and ventilated using a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system. 

Structural Engineer: Momentum

Groundworks: Pyntec 

Formwork: Precise Formwork 

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