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Britain First!


Oil on board
119w x 84h cm

In The Matrix, 'taking the red pill' is used as a mechanism to reveal the oppressive nature of an authoritarian regime. The phrase has become a metaphor for enlightenment to truths about reality, especially ones that are difficult to accept or expose delusions. Increasingly, the idea is being used to support opinions which gain authority via the internet but do not stand up to factual analysis, justifying rather than exposing delusion and creating a false but dangerous sense of victimhood. A tragic example is the murder of Jo Cox by Thomas Mair in the run up to the UK Brexit referendum in 2016. Britain First! shows Cox, with Mair superimposed. Mair’s image is made from red pills, each linked by a network of filaments representing cyber-connectedness, his face emerging as familiarity with the surface increases.

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