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97 Foxberry Road


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97 Foxberry Road is a new-build family house built on an abandoned roofer’s yard. The site is triangular, bounded by a Victorian terrace, gardens, and a row of lock up garages. To provide generous living accommodation, a basement was excavated across the whole site. Upper stories are timber framed to reduce weight and minimise the number of columns needed in the basement. The scale and form of the street elevation relates to the houses opposite. The house is detached from its immediate neighbour to maintain the visual integrity of the Victorian terrace. Facing bricks were chosen to relate to the new house at no.83.


The project was conceived as a practical example of Richard Sennett’s idea of thinking through making: As the architect, Jack worked on site with the construction team, responding to opportunities as the building took shape, and keeping the design fluid until the last moment. The intention was to produce a form of instant heritage, with the process enabling the quirks typically found in older buildings that have been adjusted and adapted over generations.

Structural Engineer: Momentum 

Groundworks: Kelal Construction 

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